Get to know the telemedicine system for examining sleep and breathing disorders.

Clebre system

Clebre is a wireless sensor that collects and analyzes breathing sounds, heart rate, movement activity, and body position, connected to a mobile application and cloud computing.

Clebre is powered by artificial intelligence. As new data is collected, the system learns, increasing its accuracy.

Clebre is a new approach to diagnosing sleep quality and treating breathing problems during sleep. Multi-night observation combined with the analysis of the trend of changes over time significantly increases the accuracy of the diagnosis.

The ergonomic sensor does not reduce the comfort of sleep. Examination at home means that the diagnosis does not affect the standard sleep. Thanks to this, the Clebre study better reflects the patient’s actual condition.

For whom?

Sleep and breathing are crucial for the proper functioning of each of us. See how Clebre helps to take care of healthy sleep and breathing.


The most common problems that lead to sleep disorders are apnea and snoring. Each episode of apnea puts a lot of stress on the body.


Children sleep longer because sleep serves them to regenerate and rest, but it is also necessary for proper physical and intellectual development.

Healthy sleep

We spend almost a third of our lives sleeping. We must ensure that it is a time of rest. Sleep affects how we function during the day, concentration, and efficiency.

Comfortable examination

Studying in your bed with a small, comfortable sensor does not disturb your natural sleep.

Intuitive operation

The easy-to-wear sensor and intuitive app will provide you with understandable test results.

Child friendly

The test can be performed at home, in comfortable conditions, without spending the night in the hospital and exposing the child to stress.

Individual therapy

The long-term observation increases the reliability of the results and allows for individual therapy adjustment.

High accuracy

Comparative studies with polysomnography confirm the high accuracy of the results of diagnostic algorithms.

How does Clebre work?

The Clebre process in 5 simple steps

Clebre - spersonalizowane leczenie zaburzeń snu i oddychania

Buy a sensor and install the app.

Clebre - spersonalizowane leczenie zaburzeń snu i oddychania

Stick the sensor on the neck, at the level of the trachea, and turn on the test.

Clebre - spersonalizowane leczenie zaburzeń snu i oddychania

The sensor records and analyzes your every breath.

Clebre - spersonalizowane leczenie zaburzeń snu i oddychania

After waking up, turn off the sensor and view the test results in the app.

Clebre - spersonalizowane leczenie zaburzeń snu i oddychania

You can share the results with your doctor.

For whom?

I am a doctor

Use a wireless sensor to monitor breathing disorders in your patients.

Test your patient at home and get proper parameters for each breath, heart rate, body position, and movement activity. Log in to the app and check the details of all your patients from anywhere.

The system gives unlimited possibilities for using the sensor for screening in risk groups.

I'm a patient

Clebre is easy to use; you can use it yourself at home without the help of qualified medical personnel.

Thanks to Clebre, you can regularly monitor how you and your whole family breathe. Intuitive operation and automatic algorithms help to collect material to support the correct diagnosis by the doctor. You will perform the test in your home without having to sleep in the hospital and without additional stress.

Medical device features


Recording and analyzing every inhalation and exhalation.


Detection and counting of snoring episodes.

Apnea and shallow breathing

Detection and counting of hypopnea episodes.

Breathing track

I counted the number of breaths through the mouth and the nose.

Breathing direction

We are determining whether an episode is an inhalation or an exhalation.

Sleep and wake detection

Accurate assessment of sleep time throughout the analysis.

Body position and physical activity

Built-in accelerometer for detecting body position and assessing physical activity during sleep.

Wireless sensor

A sensor that connects to a smartphone via Bluetooth with the possibility of wireless charging.

Trend analysis

The analysis of many patient examinations over time allows the observation of trends.

AI platform

We are improving algorithms with the possibility of extending diagnostic functions.

See how the Clebre sensor works - click to watch the video.


See how Clebre supports comprehensive treatment according to various specialists.


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