What is the Clebre Method?

Treating snoring and apnea is a marathon, not a sprint. Systematic measurements and monitoring of treatment progress are vital in this process. This is what the Clebre Method makes possible.

Improving sleep quality and breathing during sleep is possible for everyone, but it always requires an individual plan.

The Clebre Method gives you the time necessary to perform appropriate diagnostics, plan treatment and conduct it.

We will prepare a treatment plan covering up to 12 months. During this time, you remain under the care of a team that watches over the treatment process.

Why 12 months and not two visits to the doctor? Treatment of sleep and breathing disorders during sleep usually requires a combination of interventions. Even if your problem can be solved with a simple procedure or CPAP therapy is necessary, you will benefit from the Clebre Method. If you are left alone with CPAP therapy, there is a perfect chance that you will stop treatment. Moreover, even if you use CPAP, additional procedures can improve the quality of your sleep and breathing.

If you are after the procedure, you may still snore and have apnea. This happens and may also require additional treatments.

Long-term treatment plan

Main doctor

Extended Diagnostics

Systematic control

Collaboration with a team of specialists

Coordination of the entire process