Is your snoring partner a problem for you?

Clebre - spersonalizowane leczenie zaburzeń snu i oddychania

During the day, we work hard, and at nights – we rest. At least we should be resting…

However, as numerous reports and studies show, a large number of adults suffer from sleep disorders which may be the reason why sleep does not bring a proper rest. What is more, some of the disorders may, most of all, strike at a partner of ill person. This mainly concerns partners of snoring people. And since over 40% of adults snore regularly, the problem is very common. It is mostly men who snore and in this case their female partners have trouble sleeping, they are woken up many times during a night and then they have troubles with falling asleep again. A recent study conducted in USA shows that around 45% married couples sleep in separate bedrooms. This is mainly because of sleep disorders of one of the partners which deprive the other from a clam, restful sleep. Probably many of you, ladies, know the feeling when you were woken up in the middle of the night by terrible snoring, you lie there fully awake with growing anger while your snoring husband is sleeping so soundly. He’s sleeping and snoring horribly!

Study shows that persons exposed to such night noises are more tired, sleep-deprived and irritated during the day. And they often have morning headaches, too. There is also strong evidence of major social problems, difficulties in maintaining a widely understood “harmony” in a relationship, and, sometimes even the marriage itself.

It is the sleep-deprived, tired and irritated partner who seeks a solution for the snoring household member. Currently, the simplest method of snore recording is to use one of many easily accessible mobile apps which are designed to register and analyse snoring and sleep apnea. However, none of these currently available applications were created in cooperation with doctors or other specialists in sleep medicine. These apps are just toys which do not provide you with reliable readings.

What CLEBRE sensor gives you?

CLEBRE is a combination of an app and an external sensor which has a direct contact with a sleeping person. This device records reliable data in an identical way as professional sleep studies. The domestic use of the CLEBRE sensor allows for regular breath monitoring during sleep and thanks to the application of many simple conservative treatment methods, a change of a diet, introduction of physical activity etc. it is possible to substantially limit the intensity of snoring. In the study conducted at the University of Stanford in 2015, the scientists managed to reduce patients snoring from 200 snores per hour down to 10 snores, only thanks to simple, domestic methods of dealing with snoring combined with nightly monitoring of his breathing.


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