Two posters accepted for ERS Congress 2016 in London

About 5% people of any age suffer from obstructive sleep apnea. Habitual snoring occur in more than 25% of the population. Polysomnography, as a gold standard in diagnosing sleep disordered breathing, is expensive and impossible to be used as a screening tool. Verbal reporting is not reliable enough to rely on.
Therefore, we would like to create Clebre, which will deliver diagnostic tool to the house, allowing to perform sleep-breathing screening.
We are strongly about providing scientifically validated and inspected system. Therefore we preliminary checked our laboratory prototype of the wireless acoustic sensor and the algorithms for detecting breathing or snoring episodes and apneas for a group of over 100 people.
Our results were accepted for presentation during Thematic Poster Session “Clinical presentation, daytime symptoms and screening of obstructive sleep apnoea” during European Respiratory Society Congress, which will be held in London on 3-7 September 2016.
Come to meet us on 5th of September in London!

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