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Clebre moves study of breathing problems from the clinic to the home

Every breath you take!

Clebre uses innovative heuristics and machine learning methods for automatic analysis each breath.
It recognizes apnea and snoring and recognizes whether you are breathing through the nose or mouth.
It works in real time, with high accuracy.



Snoring is the main symptom of apnea. Breathing through a narrowed airway creates vibrations that are heard as snoring. Clebre detects snoring episodes by analysing patterns, not just sound volume. This makes the analysis highly accurate.


Each episode of apnea represents heavy stress for the body. It causes an adrenaline rush, increasing blood pressure and heart rate. The long-lasting stress and hypoxia caused by apnea lead to hypertension, heart attacks, stroke or diabetes.

Breathing path

Nasal breathing is part of normal respiratory functioning, crucial for a child's proper development. It is often blocked by adenoid hypertrophy.
With Clebre you can determine if your child requires treatment and than validate the effects.

Unlike in a sleep clinic, you can take recordings over many nights to provide more accurate results.
Clebre aggregates the results to give you long-term trend analysis.

How does it work?

With Clebre you only need to wear a small and comfortable device, which does not disturb your sleep.
Crucially, it does not scare children.


Before going to bed, turn on the sensor and install it on your neck to diagnose apnea, or on your nose if to check nasal breathing.


Start the Clebre app on your phone and begin recording.
Put the phone next to your bed before going to sleep.


Upon rising, turn off recording and get a simple, clear presentation of the results. If any problems are found, the application will help you contact a medical professional with whom you can share the results.


Wojciech Kukwa

MD, Medical Advisor

Otorhinolaryngologist with scientific and clinical experience, specializing in apnea and snoring problems. Runs “Fundacja Zdrowy Sen” (Healthy Sleep Foundation).

Maciej Migacz


IT entrepreneur, software engineer, experienced with big-data solutions. Responsible for business and software development.

Marcel Młyńczak


Biomedical engineer, data scientist and PhD student. Responsible for electronic devices, machine learning algorithms and signal analysis.

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